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About Douglas County

Douglas County, is one of Oregon’s 36 counties.  With its small population of only 100,399 it still remains a rural area.

Roseburg, Oregon is Douglas County’s heart and largest city with a population of approximately 19,000 and is located conveniently next to the I-5 corridor and a mere 67 miles south of the state’s third largest city, Eugene, OR.  The city covers approximately 8 square miles with an average elevation of 450 feet above sea level.

The temperature in Roseburg  ranges from 34 degrees F in January to 84 degrees F in July.  As a typical Oregon city, Roseburg, enjoys a plentiful amount of rainfall at over 34 inches.  Freezing temperatures, as well as snow is rare.  Because of this Roseburg is able to have a growing season of over 210 days per year.  In addition, visitors and citizens alike, enjoy Roseburg’s four distinct seasons.

The city was first settled by those coming to the West for gold in the 1840’s.   Aaron Rose became the founder in 1854 and the town was officially re-named Roseburg.  The area has always been rich in forests.  Because of this the timber industry has been the main employer of workers since the town’s beginning.  At its height,  Douglas County was home to over 270 mills.  With fertile soil and the Umpqua River agriculture has taken its place as Douglas County’s second largest industry.

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